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Full name

Women In Blue Economy Intelligence Gathering and Capacity Boosting

Funding Programme

European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF)


€ 1.32101 Million



University of Aveiro


WIN-BIG is a project that aims to address the current lack- or uneven knowledge on the role women play across Blue Economy (BuE) sectors and EU regions, with a focus on three highly technological emerging sectors: Blue Bioeconomy, Blue Sports and Sustainable Tourism, Marine Energy and Robotics.

The Blue Economy sector is still a traditionally male-dominated economy in almost all of its established and emerging sectors. Women represent only 29% of the overall workforce and are often employed in the lowest-paid, lowest-status positions.

This is where WIN-BIG comes into play. Through a strong partnership that extends beyond EU borders, we intend to advance the current knowledge on gender issues within BuE and present innovative solutions to support women in joining and advancing in their careers within the blue economy.

Over the next three years, WIN-BIG will:

  • Provide an accurate and comprehensive dataset on gender representation and the roles of women in BuE across all six EU sea basins (Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic, North, Arctic and Black Sea);
  • Identify skills gaps that prevent women from entering or progressing in the career ladder;
  • Develop female- and sea basin-oriented learning labs, acceleration programs and networking events as well as exclusive communication materials to promote female role models and women-oriented BuE emergent sector.

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