Our partners

At WIN-BIG, our strength lies in unity, collaboration, and diversity.

Our consortium is a dynamic synergy of 14 partners from 9 countries covering all 6 European Sea Basins:


  • Belgium - Gent University
  • Germany - s.Pro
  • Hungary - Geonardo
  • Ireland - University of Galway, Marine Institute
  • Italy - Federazione del Mare
  • Netherlands - Women4Ocean
  • Norway - AKP|NCE Blue Legasea
  • Portugal - University of Aveiro, Bluebio Alliance, Business as Nature, Nova University, Forum Oceano
  • Spain - Andalusian Maritime-Marine Cluster


Each team member contributes unique expertise that spans across the entire spectrum of the blue economy, creating a harmonious blend of blue and gender-related skills, knowledge, and experience.

Academia and Research

They are involved in project management and conduct comprehensive socio-economic mapping and reporting of the gender status in the EU blue economy using appropriate scientific approaches and analytical techniques.
  • UnAV UnAV
  • MI MI
  • GalUn GalUn
  • UGent UGent

Clusters and Networks

They represent the wealth and diversity of BuE sectors in all covered sea basins, facilitate connections and networking, and provide specific model events and training opportunities tailored to each basin's needs.
  • FdM FdM
  • Forum Oceano Forum Oceano


Two women-dedicated climate- and ocean-focused NGOs providing insights and representation of minor and sometimes individual stakeholders while leveraging their individual action towards a European-wide impact.


Experienced SMEs in the Blue Economy sector will be responsible for developing the training, communication, and legacy outputs of the project, ensuring their expertise contributes to the project's success.
  • sPro sPro