What we do

Whether they want to become marine biologists, ship cruise captains, or surfers, we want to help women to enter and climb their career ladder in the blue economy, fulfilling their ambitions and inspiring them to dream big.

Using a bottom-up approach, we aim to advance current knowledge on gender issues across BuE sectors in EU and bring forward new ideas and solutions to build on women professional skills and potential.

Work packages

Work Packages (WPs) are groups of activities and actions that define the work being done in the project. WIN-BIG consists of 5 WPs that are interrelated and coordinated by WP1, which is responsible for project management and administration. Our activities are supported by a top-notch advisory board and a wide stakeholder network that extends beyond EU borders.
Mapping and Intelligence Gathering WP2
We design surveys and systems to collect relevant gender and capacity gaps information on women's roles and needs across blue economy sectors and sea basins and foster women climbing the blue leadership ladder. From the systematic analysis of these data, we will develop the WIN-BIG living Blue Economy Gender Database, providing a detailed status of women in blue economy at the EU and sea basin levels for both traditional and emerging sectors.
Linking and Networking WP3
Based on the data collected and analysed, we deliver model networking and job fair events for women in BuE specifically targeted to each sea basin. Through regional and cross-basin networking and linking strategies, we aim to boost women-to-women empowerment and partnerships, strengthen the links and synergies between women in the blue sectors, and promote cross-border and cross-sectoral sharing of knowledge and best practices.
Boosting and Capacity Building WP4

We deliver capacity-building and training initiatives for women to support innovation and sustainability in BuE, including women learning labs, female-centered acceleration programs and basin-specific e-learning tailored to the identified geographical skillsets need. Through our regional and transnational networks, we aim to further engage and leverage female BuE workforce capacities across Europe and encourage women’s participation in decision-making positions and entrepreneurship.

Sharing and Nurturing WP5
We promote female role models and women’s leadership to debunk gender bias, boost women’s empowerment, and inspire more and younger women to pursue a blue career.

Advisory Board & Stakeholder Network

Our focus

Our actions focus on 3 highly technological and emerging blue sectors

Sea basins

Our vast outreach covers all 6 European sea basins – Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean, Baltic, North, Arctic and Black Seas – with the ambition to extend beyond the EU borders through our extended network of associated and supporting organisations.
Sea basins