WIN BIG at the European Maritime Day 2024!

Win Blue and WIN BIG held a workshop "PIanning and Implementing Equality in Blue Economy" in the framework of the European Maritime Day 2024.

WIN BIG at the European Maritime Day 2024!

On 30-31 May 2024, part of the WIN BIG team attended the EMD. The EMD is the annual two-day event during which Europe’s maritime community meets to discuss and outline joint action on maritime affairs. Previously held in Brest, the 2024 edition of the EMD took place in beautiful Svendborg (Denmark), the central city within a surrounding archipelago.


The EMD was also an opportunity to raise awareness about gender equality gaps and opportunities in the blue economy. WINBLUE PROJECT and WIN-BIG project hosted a joint workshop on “Planning and Implementing Equality in the Blue Economy”.

The workshop engaged different stakeholders and projects related to the Blue Economy to exchange knowledge and identify actions enabling women’s empowerment and mainstreaming equality in the Blue Economy. During the first session the challenges related to the inclusion process of women in this sector was introduced as well as project overviews were presented. The second session explored Gender Knowledge mapping, and discussion the processes to establish a systematic data collection and the process that may facilitate the creation of equality and inclusive plans in the public and private organisations and good practices took place.

If yuo would like to learn more about EMD 2024, visit the Conference website and YouTube video summaries (DAY 1 and DAY 2)

The next EMD will be in Cork, Ireland, see you there!

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